Large Rugged PTT
PTT/VOL Control
Acoustic Transducer

Acoustic Microphone - XAM28

Acoustic transparent tube surveillance kit including microphone and earphone for use with portable two-way radios. Designed with a soft acoustic tube earphone that is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. This earphone provides excellent clarity, durability and reliability. Includes a high-quality flexible coiled acoustic tube made of durable surgical grade tubing for great comfort and a low-profile look. It also come with an inline heavy duty rugged large PTT button that has a volume control knob. The in-line microphone / PTT can be clipped to the user’s lapel or worn under clothing. Great tool for low-profile environment especially surveillance purposes.


Quick disconnect Acoustic Tube module :

  • transparent low profile look

  • flexible coiled ear tube

  • soft comfortable earbud

  • swivel metal clip



Lapel PTT button with coiled wire :

  • heavy duty coiled wire

  • inline PTT with microphone

  • rugged PTT button


Volume Control   Large PTT button   Swivel Lapel Clip


  • Two-wire acoustic tube surveillance earphone

  • Excellent Communication Quality in Reception and Transmittance

  • Designed for use in medium-duty applications such as Business and Industrial, Public Safety, EMS/Rescue, Security and Hospitality
  • Built-in lapel microphone/PTT with volume control knob.
  • Applicable to all type of sport - skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, skateboarding, motorcycling, fishing, hunting, camping, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, paintball and airsoft game.



Acoustic Mic XAM28 - ICOM IC6


USD $31.90

ICOM (2-pins, angled plug with security screws)
IC-F11, IC-F21, IC-F14, IC-F14S, IC-F24, IC-F24S, IC-F33G, IC-41S, IC-F43G, IC-F43TR, IC-3023, IC-4023

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - ICOM IC8


USD $36.90

ICOM (multi-pin adapter)
F30G, F31G, F40G, F41G, F50, F60, F70, F80
IC-F70T/S, IC-F80T/S, IC-F70DT/DS, IC-F80DT/DS, IC-F50, IC-F60, IC-M87, IC-M88 radio
IC-F30GT F40GT and GS series

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Alinco DJ1


USD $28.90

Alinco (1-pin)
DJ-C1, DJ-C4, DJ-C5, DJ-C6, DJ-C7, DJ-X7 etc.
For DJ-C series

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Alinco DJ2


USD $28.90

Alinco (2-pins)
DJ-160, DJ-180, DJ-182, DJ-190, DJ-191, DJ-193, DJ-195, DJ-196, DJ-296, DJ-382,
DJ-446, DJ-460, DJ-480, DJ-482, DJ-491, DJ-493, DJ-496, DJ-560, DJ-580, DJ-582, DJ-593, DJ-596,
DJ-S11, DJ-S41C, DJ-S800, DJ-S40, DJ-S446, DJ-S45
DJ-F1, DJ-S1, DJ-G1, DJ-V5, DJ--EC10, DJ-X2000
DJ-V17, DJ-V47, DJ-V446 (DJ-V17,47,446 Required EDS-10 adapter)

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Audiovox A1


USD $28.90

AudioVox (1-pin 3.5mm)
Compatible with most of Audiovox Radios with a 3.5mm Jack.GMRS7001-2, etc.
Not compatible with GMRS122-2, GMRS120-2.

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Audiovox S1


USD $28.90

AudioVox (2-pins)
Compatible with most of Audiovox Radios with a 3.5mm Mono Speaker Jack and 2.5mm Mono Microphone Jack
GMRS1100-2CH, etc.

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Cherokee S2


USD $28.90

Cherokee (2-pins)
All Handheld FRS, GMRS, CB Radios w/ a 3.5mm Mono Speaker Jack and 2.5mm Mono Microphone Jack

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Maxon S4


USD $28.90

Maxon (2-pins, straight plug)
SL25, SL55, SP100, SP120, SP130, SP140, 0500 series, SP5000 series

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Maxon MX2


USD $28.90

Maxon (2-pins, angled plug)
SP120, SP130, SP140, SL25, SL55

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Ritron S9


USD $28.90

Ritron (2-pins)
JMX-102, JMX-141, JMX-144, JMX-146, JMX-152, JMX-441, JMX-444, JMX-446, JMX-452
Patriot SST Plus, Patriot RTX plus, Patriot SST-144, Patriot SST-446, Patriot SST-444
RTX-050, RTX-150, RTX-450 Patriot Series RTX, SST, Jobcom JMX, MBX

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Sepura Tetra SPR


USD $29.90

Sepura Tetra (1-pin with securing screw)
Sepura Tetra radio
Fits SRP2000, SRP3000, SRH3500 and SRH3800 radios.

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Relm K2


USD $28.90

Relm (Non-Vox)
RPU416, RPU499Plus, RPV416, RPV516, RPV599 Plus

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