Battery Eliminator for Kenwood TK2202


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Battery Eliminator for Kenwood
Maximum Output Current: 3.0A
Input Voltage: 12VDC
Output Voltage: 7.5VDC
Battery Reference no.: KENWOOD KNB-29, KNB-29N, KNB-30, KNB-30A
Compatible Models:
KENWOOD TK-2200 TK-2200P TK-2200LP TK-2202 TK-2202E TK-2206 TK-2206M TK-2207 TK-2207G TK-2212M TK-2300VP TK-2302E TK-2302T TK2306M TK-2307M TK-3200 TK-3200P TK-3200LP TK-3202 TK-3202E TK-3202E3 TK-3206 TK-3206M TK-3206M3 TK-3207 TK-3207G TK-3212M TK-3300UP TK-3301E TK-3301T TK-3302E TK-3302E3 TK-3302T TK-3306M3 TK-3307M2

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