Ear Bone Microphone

Integrated 2 in 1 Earbud

Rugged PTT


Volume Control

Optional Remote PTT

Ear Bone Microphone - XEM98D

Highly sensitive "Bone Vibration Microphone" designed to receive ear-bone vibration and then translates it into electric signal. Now you can talk by your ear; a convenient and anti-noise gadget that work can work in a discrete environment. Suitable for security and surveillances purposes.

A specially designed earbud that integrate speaker and microphone together. The earbud is ergonomically designed and is made of soft silicon rubber that can fit most of the ear canal and can be worn comfortably on either left or right ear for a long time. It come with a large size lapel PTT box.

Cable length : Earbud to PTT box - 3ft (0.9m)

                     PTT box to Plug - 5ft (1.5m)


The PTT box is designed with volume control and its have a split cable with mini-din connector for remote PTT extension. The following is the split cable design accessories:

Split Cable for Remote PTT

Mini-din Connector

Quick Disconnect

Optional Remote PTT

XEM98D provide multiple type of remote PTT extension options. The handle bar PTT is a large, rubbery PTT switch designed to wrap around the handle bar of your motorbike, bicycle, ATV etc. The plunger PTT is shaped like a pen for user that prefer holding a PTT system on their palm. And the finger PTT is small and compact, with velcro that can strap around on your finger.

Handle Bar PTT Plunger PTT Finger PTT  


Optional Ear hook Hanger

XEM98D also have an optional ear hook hanger for user that prefer a ear hook hanger.




    • Integrated 2 in 1 ear bone speaker microphone

  • Heavy duty rugged lapel PTT box
  • Volume control within the PTT unit
  • Optional remote PTT with multiple options
  • Optional ear hook hanger
  • Secure, weatherproof Mini-din type connector for remote linkage
  • Dual PTT activation with remote connection
  • Designed for use in light to heavy duty applications such as Security, Surveillances and Hospitality
  • Applicable to all type of sport - skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, skateboarding, motorcycling, fishing, hunting, camping, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, paintball and airsoft game.


Earbone Mic XEM98D - ICOM IC6


USD $42.90

ICOM (2-pins, angled plug with security screws)
IC-F11, IC-F21, IC-F14, IC-F14S, IC-F24, IC-F24S, IC-F33G, IC-41S, IC-F43G, IC-F43TR, IC-3023, IC-4023

Earbone Mic XEM98D - ICOM IC8


USD $47.90

ICOM (multi-pin adapter)
F30G, F31G, F40G, F41G, F50, F60, F70, F80
IC-F70T/S, IC-F80T/S, IC-F70DT/DS, IC-F80DT/DS, IC-F50, IC-F60, IC-M87, IC-M88 radio
IC-F30GT F40GT and GS series

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Alinco DJ1


USD $39.90

Alinco (1-pin)
DJ-C1, DJ-C4, DJ-C5, DJ-C6, DJ-C7, DJ-X7 etc.
For DJ-C series

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Alinco DJ2


USD $39.90

Alinco (2-pins)
DJ-160, DJ-180, DJ-182, DJ-190, DJ-191, DJ-193, DJ-195, DJ-196, DJ-296, DJ-382,
DJ-446, DJ-460, DJ-480, DJ-482, DJ-491, DJ-493, DJ-496, DJ-560, DJ-580, DJ-582, DJ-593, DJ-596,
DJ-S11, DJ-S41C, DJ-S800, DJ-S40, DJ-S446, DJ-S45
DJ-F1, DJ-S1, DJ-G1, DJ-V5, DJ--EC10, DJ-X2000
DJ-V17, DJ-V47, DJ-V446 (DJ-V17,47,446 Required EDS-10 adapter)

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Audiovox A1


USD $39.90

AudioVox (1-pin 3.5mm)
Compatible with most of Audiovox Radios with a 3.5mm Jack.GMRS7001-2, etc.
Not compatible with GMRS122-2, GMRS120-2.

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Audiovox S1


USD $39.90

AudioVox (2-pins)
Compatible with most of Audiovox Radios with a 3.5mm Mono Speaker Jack and 2.5mm Mono Microphone Jack
GMRS1100-2CH, etc.

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Cherokee S2


USD $39.90

Cherokee (2-pins)
All Handheld FRS, GMRS, CB Radios w/ a 3.5mm Mono Speaker Jack and 2.5mm Mono Microphone Jack

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Maxon S4


USD $39.90

Maxon (2-pins, straight plug)
SL25, SL55, SP100, SP120, SP130, SP140, 0500 series, SP5000 series

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Maxon MX2


USD $39.90

Maxon (2-pins, angled plug)
SP120, SP130, SP140, SL25, SL55

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Ritron S9


USD $39.90

Ritron (2-pins)
JMX-102, JMX-141, JMX-144, JMX-146, JMX-152, JMX-441, JMX-444, JMX-446, JMX-452
Patriot SST Plus, Patriot RTX plus, Patriot SST-144, Patriot SST-446, Patriot SST-444
RTX-050, RTX-150, RTX-450 Patriot Series RTX, SST, Jobcom JMX, MBX

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Sepura Tetra SPR


USD $40.90

Sepura Tetra (1-pin with securing screw)
Sepura Tetra radio
Fits SRP2000, SRP3000, SRH3500 and SRH3800 radios.

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Relm K2


USD $39.90

Relm (Non-Vox)
RPU416, RPU499Plus, RPV416, RPV516, RPV599 Plus

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