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Compatible with other Nextel Models that Uses the 2.5mm Ringed Connector

Throat Mic XTM880D4 - Nextel NT

USD $46.90

Helmet Headset with Handle Bar PTT XHH760B...

USD $43.90

Earbud Microphone with PTT XLM46S - Nextel NT

USD $17.90

D-ring Lapel PTT Microphone XLM412C - Next...

USD $18.90

D-ring Headset Mic with Finger PTT XLM411R...

USD $18.90

Two Wire Kit with Earbud XLM462E - Nextel NT

USD $15.90

Noise Cancelling Headset XNCH520RD - Nexte...

USD $198.00

Noise Cancelling Headset XNCH520E - Nextel NT

USD $169.00

Boom Mic XBM521 - Nextel NT

USD $15.90

Boom Mic XBM530B - Nextel NT

USD $24.90

Behind-the-back Headset XBH732E - Nextel NT

USD $28.90

Radio Connector For Nextel NT

USD $9.90

Neck Microphone XCN914E for Nextel, Motoro...

USD $39.90

Neck Microphone XCN913H for Nextel, Motoro...

USD $39.90

Neck Microphone XCN912D for Nextel, Motoro...

USD $39.90

Throat Mic XTM880D4 - PC with 3.5mm

USD $46.90


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