Midland (2-pins)
G223, G225, G226, G227, G300, G300M,
Compatible GXT Series:
GXT200, GXT225, GXT250, GXT255, GXT300, GXT310, GXT325, GXT400, GXT444, GXT450, GXT500, GXT550, GXT555, GXT565, GXT600, GXT635, GXT650, GXT656, GXT661, GXT700, GXT710, GXT720, GXT735, GXT740, GXT745, GXT750, GXT756, GXT757, GXT760, GXT771, GXT775, GXT781, GXT785, GXT789, GXT795, GXT797, GXT799, GXT800, GXT808, GXT850, GXT881, GXT900, GXT950, GXT991, GXT1000, GXT1050, GXT1091, GXT2000, GXT2050, GXT5000
Compatible LXT Series:
LXT80, LXT100, LXT101, LXT110, LXT112, LXT114, LXT118, LXT210, LXT216, LXT276, LXT300, LXT303, LXT305, LXT310, LXT312, LXT314, LXT315, LXT316, LXT317, LXT318, LXT319, LXT320, LXT322, LXT323, LXT324, LXT326, LXT328, LXT330, LXT335, LXT340, LXT345, LXT350, LXT360, LXT365, LXT376, LXT380, LXT385, LXT410, LXT420, LXT435, LXT440, LXT460, LXT480, LXT490, LXT500, LXT535, LXT560, LXT600
Compatible XT Series:
XT14, XT18, XT20, XT22, XT24, XT25, XT26, XT27, XT28, XT30, XT511
Compatible CXT Series:
CXT240, CXT250, CXT280
Fits Midland GXT, LXT, XT and CXT series radios that required a two pin connector

Acoustic Mic XAM220V - Midland SS

USD $21.90

Acoustic Mic XAM240P - Midland SS

USD $25.90

Acoustic Mic XAM25R - Midland SS

USD $23.90

Acoustic Mic XAM28 - Midland SS

USD $28.90

Acoustic Mic XAM293R - Midland SS

USD $29.90

Behind-the-back Headset XBH732E - Midland SS

USD $28.90

Boom Mic XBM521 - Midland SS

USD $15.90

Boom Mic XBM530B - Midland SS

USD $24.90

D-ring Headset Mic with Finger PTT XLM411R...

USD $18.90

D-ring Lapel PTT Microphone XLM412C - Midl...

USD $18.90

Earbone Mic XEM940B - Midland SS

USD $39.90

Earbone Mic XEM940R - Midland SS

USD $37.90

Earbone Mic XEM945RD - Midland SS

USD $45.90

Earbone Mic XEM98D - Midland SS

USD $39.90

Earbone Mic XEM98R - Midland SS

USD $36.90

Earbud Microphone with PTT XLM46S - Midlan...

USD $17.90

Helmet Headset with Handle Bar PTT XHH760B...

USD $43.90

Large Robust Speaker Mic XSM165 - Midland SS

USD $33.90

Medium Duty Speaker Microphone XSM125 - Mi...

USD $22.90

Neck Mic XNM915B - Midland SS

USD $39.90


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