USB Program cable for Yaesu Vertex


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USB Programming cable for Yaesu / Vertex
Vertex/Yaesu handheld radios :
Replaces Vertex CT-42 USB Radio Programming Cable
FT-10R, FT-40R, FT-50R, FT-60E, FT-60R
VX-1R, VX-2E, VX-2R, VX-3E, VX-3R, VX-5E, VX-5R, VX-10, VX-14, VX-17
VX-110, VX-130, VX-131, VX-132, VX-146,
VX-150, VX-151, VX-152, VX-158, VX-160, VX-168, VX-180, VX-200
VX-210, VX-210A, VX230, VX-231, VX-246, VX-250R, VX-300, VX-310, VX350, VX-351, VX-354
VX-400, VX-410, VX-414, VX-417, VX-418, VX-420, VX-420A, VX-424, VX-424A, VX-427, VX-427A, VX-428
VX-500, VX-510, VX-520
VXA-100 Aviator Pilot, VXA-100 Aviator Pro, VXA-120 Aviator Pro II,
VXA-150 Pro V, VXA-200 Aviator Pilot II, VXA-210 Pilot etc.
Include CD for USB driver only

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